Who is T&T ?

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Two Computer scientist nerds living at the white/blue heaven on earth (munich bavaria) who studied together and nowadays spend half the day developing serious software.
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But – as it depends on your self to make your dreams come true or just let them fade away – it was time to make a decision.
     Should we really go into game development or not?
Luckily computer scientists are known to become not only more capable over time but also more unreasonable and more childish …
so we decided to just give it a try.

We took all the money we had and spent it for needed hard- & software. We crawled every free minute through the dungeons of Apple’s developer documentation, fought with textures and 3D models and solved the myths of shaders and soundeffects.

All for that special day.
  The day that should be the reward for those long nights
    The day that should honor us for all the healthy food (coke, chips and gummi bears)
      The day we’ll release our very first official game.
        The day we where allowed to call ourselfs game developers.

Who ‘s Thomas “JarJar” Ganshorn ?

age :
-physically too old
-mental not old enough
size : to small for my weight
gender : existent
status : father-to-be

job :
– freelance software architect
    (conecptualized castles in the air which others have to build)
    see www.flowlines.info
– freelance consultant
    (Tell others how to do their job)
– organising trainings fro 3DSMax, MaxScript, pipeline organisation, workflow organisation, software architectur
    (just likes to talk)

Hobbies :
– Run through the wood with nerfs and hunt aliens or drup up people with hypospray (science fiction live roleplaying)
– construct starship simulators see BridgeSim
– petting all own and strange cats not fast enough to hide
– doctoring of scratches and bites
– designing and constructing furnitures (using way to much led’s, water pumps and stone)
– driving other people to despair with all my strange and confusing ideas

Weakness :
– can’t remember the names of his room mates even after living multiple years with them.
  Not even if theyre name is also thomas.
– distinct between front and back of sweaters and shirts
– opening of glassdoors without (he not even justin bieber can do this)
– Evading lampposts
– is manic creative

Special skills :
– can count every hair on his head

Other – First highpriest of the goddess of chocolate and chaos
… in all honesty, look at the image ?!

Who ‘s Thomas “Ardor” Burkhard ?

Age : increasing

gender :

status : DEFCON 5

job :
– independent computer scientist since 2001. Have a look at my firm Unimatrix’s site
    Focus on web technologies (HTML5, JS, PHP, Datenbanken, Flash…)
– Implementation of customer projects from concept to final product
    the spectrum of a simple web business goes up to complex web applications for several hundred users
– Distribution of customized hardware

hobbies :
Testing of computer games (almost) any kind
Digital Photography
Hang Gliding … if time permits
– on saturday you may meet me prancing

– Being tenacious on the computer scientist principle that every problem is solvable
– Maybe forgetting that usually only for a quantum ‘time’ does not matter
– Sometimes is held for a girl by children under age of 6 due to length of hair
– Is nice

Special skills :
– carpe noctem

Others – Shoe size 11